July 16th, 2020

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In Chapter 278 of My Hero Academia the Heroes along with class 1-A try to hold back the league of villains and Gigantomachia from advancing towards Shigaraki's locations but things look grim and Mt.Lady cannot hold him off. Midnight tries to step in with a new plan, to put Gigantomachia to sleep but its too little too late as Mr.Compress puts her out of commission by throwing a boulder her way.

That is when its Momo's turn to step up to the plate and use her quirk to create a new solution to the problem at hand. Can she pull it off? Lets have a little discussion on the latest events in Chapter 278 and follow it up with some speculation on where we think things are going in Chapter 279 and beyond

Will there even be a Hero society if the villains succeed here?

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Tags: #MyHeroAcademia #Chapter279 #Speculation
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