September 24th, 2020

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Hey guys, in this longer then average video we talk about the last episode of Oregairu Snafu, Season 3 Episode 12.

We'll be discussing spoilers so make sure you watch the episode before you dive into this video

We'll be going through the different scenes, how we felt about them, any hidden meanings we might have noticed and some we feel we missed the meaning on.

Also we'll be talking about Yukino, Yui, Hachiman and the whole crew

I hope you will join us in discussing the finale to one of the best anime's I have watched in quite some time.

Your feedback is the only way we can improve the channel so we encourage you to leave a comment positive or not to help us keep improving! Thank You.

Tags: #Oregairu #MyTeenRomanticComedy #Climax
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