August 5th, 2020

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Hey did your video get flagged? I sure got a nasty threat from the goof balls over at NASASpaceflight over doing a reaction to the Starship SN5 150 meter hop.

These guys are jokers abusing fair use so they can limit traffic to other channels and get all the views, in my personal opinion the action is being taken for profit but thats just a guess

These guys came after our channel of 1000 followers over a 50 second clip in an 11 minute video where we reacted to the launch of SN5 in all its glory

Shout out to money right boys?

Rather then embrace the amazing feet that is Starship SN5 doing its thing, these guys are running around threatening channels for doing reactions.

IF we actually just uploaded their video sure i could see an issue but everything we did fell under fair use, apparently these jokers don't understand the laws of fair use but what to come after small creators.

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