Lili needs to keep her job

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Lili sat at her desk in the outer office, idly swiveling back and forth in her desk chair. When she saw the last of my coworkers leave Lili slipped her sore feet out of her high heels and kicked them under the desk. They were sexy as hell but not comfortable. Lili rested her head back and spun her chair around, looking up at the ceiling; She thought to herself why didn't I bring a book today? As the boss' personal secretary Lili had to stay as long as Mr. Johnson stayed.


The intercom on her phone beeped, "Lili." Mr. Johnson's voice came through. "Come in here a minute." Lili retrieved her shoes and slipped into his office, shutting the door behind her. My boss was at his own desk, looking slightly disheveled. His broad, muscular form lounged in his chair, "Lili," he said. "Come here; come have a seat please."


"We need to talk about how you have been doing lately as my Secretary" he said. She looked at him and said is there something wrong Mr Johnson? "You just don't seem to be working out, your always late to work and your always late at bringing me the papers i ask for, sometimes i have to ask two or three times" He said. Lili responded "I can do better Mr. Johnson just give me the chance I won't let you down."


He looked at Lili and said " I am sorry but Lili I am gonna have to let you go, its just not working out" She looked at him and said "But Mr. Johnson i need this job, I have bills to pay and I am having trouble just as it is. I have been distracted by other things I will do a better job Mr Johnson give me a chance." He just shook his head and said "Can you show me you really want to keep your job and what your willing to do to keep it. We are all hard workers here Lili and we need everyone on the same page or we have to let them go." She looked at him with a upset look, thinking to herself what can I do to convince him?


It was late at night and everyone was already gone home except for Lili and Mr. Johnson. "What can I do Mr. Johnson to keep my job, I will do anything" She said to him. "Hmm anything you say?" He asked. "Well I have been watching you and you do capture my attention every day wearing your white shirt with the top of your boobs just hanging out over the top of your shirt and that tight black skirt with those stockings and heels of yours." He told her, She looked at him a little embarrassed that he looked at her tits but said "I never knew anyone would pay that close attention to what i wear, I am just here to do my job and help you in anyway i can Mr Johnson."


He stands up and walks around his desk to the door and closes it, Then walks back over to Lili putting his hands on her shoulders and then asks her. "How far are you willing to go to keep your job Lili (as he rubs her shoulders gently.) What exactly would you do for me to keep your job as my Secretary Lil?" She answers back "I told you I will do anything (as she turns and looks up at him staring down her shirt) Mr. Johnson."


He then walks around in front of her and says to Lili, "If you want this job prove it to me right now and show me how bad you want it." As he takes his hands on his belt and pulls up on it making his bulge in his pants appear obvious of what he wants from Lili. She looks at the bulge and said, "Mr Johnson are you trying to flirt with me and are you implying i gotta give you a blowjob to keep my job?" He smiles and says "You did say anything and I never said a blowjob, so if thats what you wanna do or more do what you think will keep your job for you."


She begins to wonder if the job is really worth it or not, She begins to think about it and says to herself in her head. "I really need this job, its not easy finding a new one these days. But this is wrong. Should I do this? Then another voice in her head was damn thats a big bulge he has tho." She looks at him and says to him "Mr. Bulge, I mean Johnson (With an embarrassed face.) Is there anything else I can do to keep my job?"


He looks at her with a devilish smile and says "I could bend you over and have my way with you, making you take it." "But thats rape Mr Johnson" She told him. They both look at each other trying to figure out just exactly what the other one is thinking about them or what they are gonna do with this situation. She then implied "Can I just give you a kiss and jack you off Mr. Johnson, I don't wanna have sex or put you in my mouth you have a wife." So he looks at her with his hand on his chin. "A kiss and a handjob huh thats what your job is worth to you?" He asks then mutters "The wife is out of town for 3 weeks on a business trip anyways."


She begins to worry that she is gonna lose her job because he didn't seem impressed by the kiss and handjob she offered him. So Lili looks up at him and says "Ok Mr. Johnson I will do it, (As she looks up into his eyes) I will do it for you and for My job." He looks at her smiling and tells her "Well Lili looks like we are gonna find out just how damn much you really want to keep this job." He drops his pants in front of her and then starts to unbutton his suit.


Lili unbuttons a button on her shirt and begins to worry to herself "I am gonna be known as the office slut if anyone finds out about this, I hope he doesn't tell anyone what we are about to do." But in the back of her mind shes kinda hot about this, she always had a fantasy of being with a boss as the naughty secretary, But she never thought it would be a reality and that it would be to keep her job. He says to Lili, "Well there you go." as he takes his underwear off and shoves his dick in her face.


Then all of a sudden her mood changed, Its like the worries went away and the kinky side of her, the naughty side she always fantasized about has come out in her. She grabs his dick firmly and begins to suck on his shaft, He begins to moan a little as she takes his cock in and out of her mouth. She thinks to herself, "OMG hes so big and I'm so fucking wet right now, I didn't wanna this. But damn its so fucking hot in my mind." He places his right hand on her head as she tightens her lips around his dick sucking harder, faster and taking him in deeper with each suck.


He says to Lili, "That is a good girl Lili, suck your boss's cock and show me how damn badly you wanna keep this job and work here with me." She starts to moan as she is stroking his cock and taking it in her mouth circling her wrist around his shaft now going as hard and fast as she can go. She can feel his dick heating up in her mouth, getting close to filling it up. She unbuttons another button on her shirt as her tits now expose almost all of the skin to Mr. Johnson. She takes her teeth and starts scraping it on his cock as he puts his left hand on her head now. He begins to fuck her throat making her take every inch of his rock hard cock.


He is moaning loudly now "OHHHHH MY GOD LILI, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. TAKE MY FUCKING COCK YOU DIRTY LITTLE BITCH." He is about to cum for her as he keeps fucking her mouth as hard as he can. He grabs two handfuls of hair and begins to cum inside of her mouth filling it up and demanding her to take it all. "You better fucking swallow that your job fucking depends on it you damn whore." She says while cock in her mouth, "Yes sir Mr. Johnson." Swallowing every ounce of his cum.


He then grabs her shirt rips the buttons off that remain buttoned up and he tells her, "Take your fucking panties off right now or I'm gonna rip those too you whore." She slides off her panties because he doesn't want him tearing them off of her as they are one of her favorite pairs. He then says, "Bend over my fucking desk you whore, I am gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before." She says, "Yes sir Mr. Johnson, (she thinks to herself omg i fucking love this, i love being treated like the whore i am.)"


He slams her down on the desk even tho she is already bent over it. He takes her shirt off and throws it on the floor, unbuttons her bra exposing her 44D tits. He doesn't hesitate and slams his rock hard dick into her wet juicy warm tight pussy lips. She lets out a moan, "OH MY FUCKING GOD MR. JOHNSON MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES." He says to Lili, "Shut the fuck up whore I didn't say you could speak just shut up and take my fucking cock." She replies "Yes Sir Mr. Johnson." He smacks her ass as hard as he can and says, "What the fuck did i just say shut the fuck up whore." Ramming his cock all the way inside of her tight pussy walls moving in and out of her warm pussy lips.


Lili bites her lips moaning as quietly as she can and thinks about the spankings "I kinda like how hard he spanks me, it makes me wanna cum so fucking hard for him" She lets out another Loud moan as he spanks her again as hard as he can. "SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I GAG YOU SLUT." He demands her. She does it again moaning at the top of her lungs now. "That is fucking it you damn bitch." He takes his tie off and shoves it in her mouth then grabs her left leg pulls off her stocking and wraps it around her head and ties it around her to keep her mouth shut.


He tells her, "Your gonna take this cum again i am gonna give you a Mr. Johnson's Creampie Lili. I am gonna cum in that pussy of yours." She Tries to say something but she can't be understood. He first pulls out of her and then he grabs her right leg and pulls the other stocking off and decides to tie her hands together and then tie it to the leg of the desk in front of her, Now she can't move. He walks back around behind her and slams his dick in her pussy as hard as he can and is slamming it in and out in and out with all his might going as fast and hard as he can go. His dick going balls deep slapping against her pussy lips. He begins to moan loudly, "OHH YES YOU FUCKING WHORE IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD INSIDE OF THAT PUSSY OF YOURS I AM GONNA CUM." He rams it in one more time as he starts to cum inside of her filling her pussy walls up. She raises her head and is trying to move but can't go anywhere.


So she moves her legs and tries to close them and push him out of her pussy, She doesn't wanna get pregnant, She doesn't love him, But its too damn hot she opens her legs back up as you can hear moaning from her mouth. he smacks Lili's ass again as hard as he can. "What did i fucking tell you about shutting the fuck up." She nods her head.


He pulls out of her takes the stocking off her head and the tie out of her mouth and before she can get a word out. He slams his cock back inside of her mouth. "Suck our damn juices off this dick bitch." He demands her. She sucks every bit of the cum and her juices off his shaft. He says, "That is a fucking good little slut." As she wipes her mouth and looks at him. She asks, "Do i get to keep my job now Mr. Johnson?" He looks down at her with a evil smile and says to her, "Were not done yet you filthy whore."


Lili looks at him with a puzzled look on her face, but a smile in her head saying to herself "OMG I WANNA RIDE HIS DICK, I BET HE WILL LET ME KEEP MY JOB THEN." He unties her hands and no sooner than he does, She gets up off the desk and says, "Mr. Johnson sit down in your chair please sir." He asks why? She pushes him down in the chair and backs up to him and places her pussy lips over his cock and begins to slide down around his rock hard shaft moving her hips up and down to tease his cock a little bit. Moving the head of his cock in and out of her pussy lips. He says to Lili, "Your really wanting this job aren't you Lili (as if he didn't know the answer)."


She thinks to herself, "FUCK IT I WANT MY JOB." She slams her pussy down on his cock and starts to bounce up and down on him riding him as hard as she can. Sliding in and out in and out in and out. His Dick slides all the way inside of her and all the way out then all the way back inside of her. Both of them moaning how great it feels to them. "Ohhh fuck yes Lili, ride my cock you little slut, ride it good and you not only keep this job i will give you a raise." Mr. Johnson says to her. "MMMMM FUCK YES SIR MR. JOHNSON." She rides him with all her might both on the verge of cumming. She moans as loud as she can, he does as well. Both moaning at the top of their lungs as she cums all over his dick and as he feels he says, " OH MY GOD LILI that feels so damn good cover my cock." He shoots his cum up inside of her as she continues to cover him.


She gets off of him and asks again, "So Mr. Johnson do i keep my job now?" He says,"WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT, you get a fucking 5 dollar raise." They both clean up and get dressed and he tells her she can go home now. He is gonna lock up and head home his self. She feels bad for doing it, but also loves how she feels. "It was so fucking hot" She says to herself.

By Danny B of Sharpsburg Kentucky