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Support Me :) | Chubby Chibi - BBW Cosplay & Plus Sized Cosplay

While I'd love to do BBW Modeling as my full time job, unfortionatly its not possible currently

Since I am not with an agency the cost of everything I do falls on me

Organizing shoots, make-up, outfits and shoot locations costs alot of money

If anyone wants to help support the cause in the form of donations I'm always looking for your support


If you would like to support my website via a cash donation please follow the link bellow, your donations are greatly appreciated

When I use the money to purchase new outfits I will post crediting the donator(if they desire) plus Pics of me wearing them

If there was a specific outfit, boots, shoes or costume you desired to see me wear, include the link in the comments section of your paypal donation

Wish Lists

If you would like to support me by purchasing me an outfit directly off my wish lists I'd greatly appreciate it!

When I recieve the out outfit(Or boots, shoes, costume, etc) I will post crediting the donator(if they desire) plus Pics of me wearing the new look ;)

  • Amazon Wish List
  • Hips and Curves Wish List


I would absolutely love for my fans to help share my website, If you do I can create a page to help credit fans for their efforts!

I have a better idea!

Have a different idea of how you can support the site? email me using the form below and let me know what your thinking!

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