Sexy Secretary - Board Room Roleplay

A little roleplay of everyones favourite secretary secnario :P

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Hockey Girl 2013

Published: April 18th, 2014


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Hockey Girl 2013

New Hair

February 07/2014

So i thought i needed a little bit of a change, so i decided to get my hair trimmed. This is a pretty big deal for me, considering I hadn't gotten my hair cut since Grade 2. I don't really trust anyone in the hair industry because i think the "constantly cut your hair to stay on top of dead ends" is a load of crap. Anyway, I did get my hair c...

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A Seductive Secretary Affair

Our story starts with Justin Skott, a middle aged business manager sitting in his office, standard corporate attire of a full business suit; He manages the corporate office of a very popular restaurant franchise in the US. He’s married with two children, unfortunately for him, like many married couples his sex life has fallen off the face of the earth, his wife Tracey is so busy with work he’s lucky if he has sex once a month. In enters Lili, his 25 year old secretary who has been working for him for the better part of a year.   He hired her on because he was overrun with work. She’s quick to please and easy on the eyes. He’s always had a little thing for her and they’ve jokingly flirted here and there but he knows she has a serious boyfriend and would never really be interested in him, besides he’s nearly 10 years older than her, still he cannot resist the temptation to fantasizing about it from time to time. Suddenly his day dreaming is cut short. RING……. His phones ringing,...

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Galleries Live!

April 18/2014

I've been working hard to get my website ready to officially be launched.

All photo galleries I've shot over the last 3 years are now live and populated. You purchase them online for viewing.

I hope you guys like them :)

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