July 7th, 2013


So i want to have a personal goal of covering almost any costume I can think of. I have a draft list of costumes to explore. If you don't see anything you like, please add an idea of yours, i'd love to see it!
-disney princesses
-Alice in Wonderland
-Prom Queen
-flight attendant
-figure skater
-Haruhi, maid & school costume (Haruhi anime)
-Konata (lucky star anime) 
-goth girl
-Katniss Everdeen (hunger games...obviously she won if she's chubby, lol)
-field hockey
-fetish shoes
-yoko (Gurran Lagaan anime)
-female lumber jack
-midevil princess / Lord of the rings
-car wash
-race girl
-Jessica rabbit
-video game console bras?
DONE (below)
-school girl
-Harry potter
-red riding hood
-gamer girl 



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