Wishing you a Sexy New Year!

  December 31st, 2010

Well the years finally winding down and just as the years coming to an end the website is finally taking shape.

I've been hard at work this past year trying to get all the sections ready for users, this includes a whole new "User" section where people can register, login and get access to images only logged in users can view.

Currently its still in its early stages but as I do more shoots, I'll be employing this feature more, Registered users will get access to all the photos from each shoot(not just the spare few you can view when not logged in).

I also just finished up doing a burlesque style photo shoot, I've put up a few images just to tantalize your taste buds, more to come.

Just to update everyone on the photo albums, I have tons of photos I still need to upload, this includes many more school-girl, maid, bunny girl, etc, photos. right now most galleries only have just a few sample images from each shoot, but I'm hoping to have the other images up soon.

I could talk forever with all the updates that I've been working on. If your happy please leave a comment, it spurs me on some days :)

Anyways I want to wish everyone a "Happy New Year", May 2011 be full of much more sexy fun!



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