June 15th, 2024

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Hey Guys

In todays video we will be jumping right back into the big story out of Nijisanji's Q4 brough up during the Investor Q&A, that is the subject of the destiny of Nijisanji EN.

Riku has made a statement essentially saying expect no growth and they have no long term plan, what do you think this means?

After talking about the Investor Q&A lets talk about Killia who is recovering from a house fire that cost her a lot of her PC setup, there is some updates on that story.

After that we talk about ReACT Vtuber Agency getting explosion type threats for another VTuber concert

We follow that update with a small update on Hololive Mio's health.

Next we will talk about a VTuber Artist getting suspended on Twitch for 3 days for drawing a VTuber. Followed by a permanent ban on YouTube for the GyaruCast Podcast.

We will finish up todays video with Dokibird surpassing Selen Tatsuki and rising like a phoenix.

Ok that's all see you in like 12 hours

Time Stamps:

0:00 - NIJISANJI has no long term EN Plan
11:34 - VTuber House Fire Update
14:31 - Vtuber Agency ReAct gets another Kaboom threat
15:52 - Hololive's Ookami Mio gives an update on her health
16:54 - VTuber artist Banned from Twitch
19:30 - Gyarucast banned from Youtube
21:00 - Dokibird surpasses Selen Tatsuki

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